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You can make regular money on eBay buying products at low prices and then relisting them higher. There are bargain buys on eBay for a number of reasons, people might not know the true value of products they are selling or they pay no regard to what time and day there auction will end - when a listing ends when no-one is looking last minute bids are few. Whatever the reasons for the bargains, YOU can make money from them by relisting and reselling them.

To make money, you need to deal in something that you know a bit about, preferably something that interests you. The drawback with buying and reselling (flipping) items on eBay is the time and effort it can take to do the searches - but it doesn't need to be hard work, eBay will do it for you.

If for example you are interested in flipping laptop compters, type into the search bar, the type of laptop you are interested in buying and selling. Click the Search button and at the top of the search results (next to results found for) you will see a blue [ Save this search ] link, click it.

A box will pop up headed Save this search, it will contain the name of the item you searched for and give you some options, one of which is to email you every day when matching items are listed, select this option if it not already ticked and click Save if all options are to your preference.

Now whenever an item that you are interested in is listed on eBay, you will be notified automatically by email. You no longer need to trawl the listings to find bargains, simply open your email.

So all you need do is check your email daily and buy low and sell high, eBay do most of the work for you!

You can do this for a range of products and make money without having to invest in loads of stock or go out looking for things to sell - you can do everything from the comfort of home - easy!


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