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We've all seen eBay listings that scream amateur. If you're just selling junk from your attic it doesn't matter too much but if you are aiming to make your living on eBay, you need to project a professional image.

Check other peoples listings to see what works and what doesn't. Some people use a large typesize and CAPITAL LETTERS throughout. This looks rubbish! They must think listing like this gets attention - it doesn't, it turns people off. I've also seen professional listings full of clutter.

I mostly use eBay's Classified Ads which don't get Feedback, (that's why mine isn't high) but they suit my particular business. Whatever type of eBay listing you use, it has to project professionalism

Basically, prospective buyers want to be able to read what they are getting for their bucks without straining their eyes or searching all over the page.

They also want to feel confident in making their purchase - that's why a professional looking listing will score greatly over an amateur looking one.

The easiest way to present a professioanal image is to use templates. There are plenty of free templates online, you can find them through Google. Visit a few free template sites and select templates that suit your products. The templates are usually in the form of html code with areas for you to add your descriptive text and images. You simply copy and paste the code into eBay's html editor (item description field).

Pictures are great salesmen so you will want to add some. You will need to have your pictures hosted, I use photobucket which is quite easy to use. You copy and paste the images 'direct link' into the template html code where indicated. I publish a FREE guide "HOW TO ADD PHOTOS TO YOUR EBAY AUCTIONS FOR FREE" you can find details about it on my ABOUT ME page along with other FREE publications.

Its' worth learning a bit of html, the basic stuff isn't too difficult and it enables you to include a few cool professional extras to your listing. You can get low cost eBooks about HTML.

Another word about getting noticed, always include keywords in your heading, words that prospective buyers will type in to find the products they want. Don't waste characters by typing in things like WOW or L@@K etc., no one will use these terms in their search for a product.

So to sum up, keep your eBay listings neat, tidy and easy to read and professional. Look at other peoples listings to see what works for you and what doesn't. Add images, people like to see what they are buying or bidding on.

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