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Mix Up and Blend!  DIY Bath, Body, Facial and Hair care Products

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The trend in DIY beauty and holistic product making is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are becoming aware of the synthetic, man-made chemicals which are present in many "shop bought" products. 

  Many DIY products can be easily made at home, using a high level of natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, essential oils (natural plant and flower extracts) sweet almond oil, coconut oil etc, which are rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.  The finished products are therefore much more pure, have many skin/hair rejuvenating and regenerating properties but are also therapeutic for the mind, body and the emotions particularly when made with essential oils.  Each essential oil, for example, Lavender, Chamomile has a wide range of properties which are beneficial for both physical, emotional and psychological conditions...they also have wonderful natural fragrances!

In addition to the high level of choice which making your own products brings, it is also a highly rewarding, fun, creative and relaxing hobby.

There is  a wide range of products you can create:

Bubble baths, shower gels, bath salts, soaps, bath melts, bath teas;

Cleansers, toners, moisturisers, creams, eye gels, serums, facial and lip balms;

Body butters, lotions, body exfoliators, creams and balms, body and face masks, body and facial oils, body massage bars;

Hair conditioners, rinses, daily moisturiser and balms;

Herbal or floral oils and waters etc

Products can be made from scratch, sometimes using only 2 or 3 ingredients. For example, creating your own massage body bar involves the use of cocoa butter, beeswax or olive wax (for vegans) and sweet almond oil.  Alternatively unscented base products such as a moisturising cream or body lotion can be purchased and relevant essential oils can be added for additional skin care or other therapeutic properties. 

  Before creating your own products, it is vital that you learn more about general health and safety issues, specific health and safety issues in relation to each ingredient, their properties and of course  the recipes!  For those of you are are interested, I sell a number of guides, along with base products and ingredients in my Ebay Shop.

Mix Up and Blend!...A guide to Creating your own bath, body and facial products - which covers all of the essential health and safety information, the properties of many natural ingredients and 50 recipes

An Introduction to Aromatherapy for home use - which covers a brief history, safety precautions in using essential oils, methods of use and the properties of 26 popular essential oils

Aromatherapy Skincare guide- how to use base products, toners, body and facial oils, clays, gels and sea salts; description of the major skin types & how to recognise them, Essential oils suitable for each skin type and common skin conditions

Introductory Guide to Aromatherapy for Home Use- A comprehensive guide covering: compatability chart for 30 common essential oils, properties of 28 carrier "base" oils.

Aromatherapy for Common Health Conditions- A comprehensive guide covering: health and safety, ways of using essential oils, over 100 blends for a wide range of health conditions.

I am a qualified holistic and beauty therapist, trainer with 12 yrs experience in this field. I also create my own products for professional and personal use.

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