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Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to give you the ultimate tip for keeping a crafty or non crafty kid or adult happy on a wet day when there is nothing to do and nothing on the t.v.

here's my idea;-

you can make your own knitting needles!!!!!!!

Here's the idea,

1. start off with a simple pack of plain chopsticks(tesco's do 6 pairs for 85p)

2. find a pencil sharpener

3. a simple pink emery board or 3 grades of fine sand paper.

4. some glue(preferably UHU)

5. anything for decoration.

6. Some pretty beads.

7. a little veg oil or light furniture wax.


take a chop-stick and sharpen the end with the pencil sharpener,

rub down gently with the sand paper until its nice and smooth( as a baby's bottom)

give the sharpened tips a gentle rub over with the light wax,REMEMBER don't make the chopsticks too pointy or it will rip the yarn!!!

use the UHU glue to decorate the needles about 2/3rds of the way up the needle near the top,anyway you like.

glue a large bead to the top of the chopstick to act as a stop,

and when the glue has dried start knitting!!!!have fun and enjoy this idea for a rainyday activity!!!! 

please note the average chopstick makes a size 5-7mm knitting needles.

thanks for reading this,if you liked this please pass it on!!!!


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