MAKKI eyebrow pencil for Redheads

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Calling all Redheads!!!!

Have you ever stressed about finding the perfect shade of eyebrow pencil? Seems that most manufacturers have a knack of always adding red pigment to brow pencils - why?? this just looks so fake and almost always ends up looking orange. For instance - we have all seen the little old ladies who dye their hair Red and use an eyebrow pencil with too much red pigment, see just how awful they look?! This  look is not good for anyone let alone us Redheads!!! NOT all redheads have 'ginger' eyebrows, in fact most don't! we have sable eyebrows, which is generally a greyish brown.

Well my fellow Redheads look no further - I have just found the perfect shade. I bought this on ebay and its by Makki of Manchester and the shade is 03 Grey Brown - perfect!! This is a brilliant shade and looks so natural too. Its a soft muted grey brown with no red 'ginger' pigment, so it won't turn orange!! I used  Kanebo International eyebrow pencil in 02 Muted Brown, but this is no longer available! and have been searching high and low for a substitute and at last I have found it - yipeee lol! and at a mere fraction of the cost too, which is always a bonus!

So try this out, I don't think you will be disppointed! I wasn't!

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