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I left a negative feedback for a ebay member a while ago and then me and the member came to an arrangment and i withdrew the feed back. i was supposed to get a refund but did not, this member never replied to any of my emails so i left it could not be bothered.

then several weeks ago i listed items on ebay for sale a new member decided to bid on my item and won it. the member never paid so i left negative feedback.

out of the blue i got an email from a trusted ebay member saying that the same had happened to him. the new member who had not paid for an item was the same member who i left the negative feedback for.

CONFUSED, well its one member with two ids who uses one to sabotage peoples auctions because they have been left a negative feedback. SO BEWARE OF THIS, check my feedback and see for yourself

the last time i checked this members profile her rating was 100% with 9 RATING WITHDRAWALS. This member leaves awful feedback so your rating goes down and then sends an email requesting that the feedback be withdrew. me and the trusted ebay member reported this to ebay. I am just waiting to see what has happened. HOPEFULLY BARRED.

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