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Dear All

Due to negative feedback left about me I have been forced back to thinking about using a manual typewriter.

For todays keyboard user you will find them a shock!

First it takes a great deal of effort to push down the keys, second if you push the next key before the first one has returned they keys will jam! Those old films of typing pools with girls rattling alonging at 40 words a minuit make it look easy. But they could do that because they had practised for a year or two. Pitmans the college had a very good business teaching typing, you will notice that nobody bothers to teach keyboards skills much because it is so much easier. The next shock is that if you make a mistake then the only way to correct it is to go back the precise number of spaces (not easy) and then type the incorrect letters again with a piece of tippex between the key and the paper, then having whittened the paper again you can backspace again and type in the letter you wanted! I am running out of space but I would like to mention ribbons and carbon paper, always check the ribbon they need to be quite new to work well. Carbon paper is the only way to make a copy without typing it out again, of course having put paper/carbon/paper round the roller dont take it out until you have finished otherwise it will never go back the same!!!

Best of luck, my advice is dont bother, they are pretty to look at so look just look at them and use the wp on your pc. 


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