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Quite a few people are selling supposedly Version 4 Tamagotchis on ebay. Be aware that some V4 Tamagotchis on ebay are unofficial clones not made by Bandai.

Look at the packaging carefully and you will see they don't say Bandai or Tamagotchi on them, some say 'Tama'.

If it does not have a Bandai logo it is a fake. If it doesnt say Tamagotchi it is fake.

Also watch out for items coming from Hong Kong or elsewhere. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with buying things from there but just be aware that the postage will be more expensive, and they will take longer to arrive. Also if the value is over about £15 you may be charged VAT on top of the price you paid, and your package may get  held up in Customs.

Have fun with your Takagotchi!
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