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For me this air pistol must surely rate as the ultimate "fun gun" It is not "blisteringly accurate" nor is it "As powerful as the law allows"... if these two points are not a major issue then buy one of these!!

This full size pistol looks just like the COLT  911, but unlike the famous Colt the Marksman only fires BB's!...18 to be exact, once this is done pull back on the pistol's slide to load and cock it and away you go!

The Marksman is a perfect back garden gun, great for adult and supervised youth's alike, Targets? Tin cans, plastic bottles, Toy soldiers, and of course paper targets...both bull's eye and Combat, WARNING! BB's being made of steel they do tend to bounce around a bit, do watch out for ricochet's!  BB's will bebound from hard surfaces and can easily cause serious injury, where possible erect a backdrop behind your target area...a thick heavy blanket is ideal, from a safety point of view i would also advise the wearing of shooting glasses, not only do they protect your eyes they look cool too!

The Marksman is not only an ideal training pistol it will also give you many hours of fun, BB's are thankfully very cheap...this is a good thing as im sure the average shooter will get through thousands of them, have fun!

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GUIDE JULY 2009,  By Ken Lambourne.


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