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Kids everywhere are collecting these cards and are nagging at us parents that they want to finish their collection. My son has filled alot of the macth attax and the extras but am finding it hard to get the man of the match, hat tricks and 100 hundred club. I 've gone onto ebay to try and get these but i am not paying the ridicolous prices that are on here. It seems that alot of people are trying to rip us parents off with the huge starting prices for these cards and also the postage. How does it cost 99p to post one card, it doesn't, it costs about 35p to post it 1st class and you could probably get about 10 cards in the envelope for that price. I have decided to look elsewhere for these.

I've searched on the internet and came across a site for swapping macth attax cards. This is a good site as you can list the players that you have for swaps and also the ones you need and then people will contact you on their offers. It is all confident, the only thing you have to do is pay the postage at your own price, but if you're getting the cards you want its not too bad.

The web address is:-

Have a look and see what you think, i will be doing it this way in future.

Thanks for looking
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