MDK Playstation

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This is a very good 3rd person shoot-em-up. You run around as this guy in this black special armour suit thing which has unfoldable wings for gliding and a snipers zoom. Plus you have a machine gun conected to your hand. The levels are huge and epic and have enemies as large as buildings. This game absalutely amazed me when I first played it. Its got very good controls and very adictive gameplay. The framerate is also super smooth (60 fps) which was unusual for PS1 titles. One of the most fun things about the game is the humour of the monsters you fight. You can zoom in on them and watch them from a distance and they really are funny to watch and have very lifelike personalities. The level are artistic and beautiful. Not a lot of realism but incredibly imaginative. The music fits perfectly and is orchestrial brilliance. You can even put the disc into a normal CD player and listen to the tracks. My only complaint would be that it is a bit to short and perhaps could have benefitted from more storyline and a level up system, but then again I say that about most games.


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