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Don't fall victim to some of the scammers on here selling RARE Me To You merchandise!

The vast majority of these items aren't rare at all, the high street is flowing with them...yet scammers on Ebay 'plump' up their listings to make the buyer think "Oh my God I might never get the chance to buy one of these!!"

The best examples (especially coming up to Christmas) are the hot water bottles and dressing gowns.

I saw a Me To You water bottle sell on Ebay for £23 inc P&P....THEY ARE £12 IN NEW LOOK!!!

Another item is the Me To You dressing gown, there is one on Ebay for £40 starting bid and £50 buy it now...again being sold as RARE...THEY ARE £30 IN NEW LOOK!!!

I very much doubt New Look is the only high street store selling them too, just take a quick look round before commiting yourself to buying such items...

I liked the days when Ebay was about grabbing a bargain, now some (not all!) sellers are trying to make a quick profit from panicing buyers thinking they are grabbing something of a rarity.

Just be careful out there guys and gals!

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