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Medicine Ball

The ability to generate strength and power is an essential component in many sports. Medicine balls .  Medicine balls are a great multi-purpose training tool that can be used alone or with a partner to improve core strength, functional movement, core strength and reaction time.  There are many ways to use a medicine ball which incorporates in various different styles of workout. 

To ensure personal safety, correct guidelines must be followed.


When exercising its essential to hold an appropriate size of medicine ball.  This will help you to maintain the stamina. Our basic lightest weight starts from 2kg up to 7kg.  Different weights are available at Turner Sports.   

Methods of using medicine ball

There are various techniques that can be followed by medicine balls of which some basics are shown below:

  • All round Crunches:-  Lie face up on the gym ball and hold medicine ball in both hands.  Begin with body draped over the ball, arms extended beind you.  Contract the abs to lift upper  back off the ball and bring the medicine ball towards your right thigh as you twist to the right, contracting the right side of waist.  Repeat and then switch sides.


  • Medicine ball crunches:- Lie on your back with knees bent, medicine ball right below the knees.  Squeeze inner thighs to hold ball in place,  Put hands beind head (cradle your head gently) and without straining the neck, lift shoulders and hips off the ground in a crunch,  flattening the belly like a canoe at the top of the movement.  Lower back down without completely relaxing and repeat the sequence. 


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