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Hello again, welcome to my A to Z games review of over 260 of the best (most popular) Megadrive titles. I will give a brief description of each game and rate it from 1 to 100%, accordingly games will be judged against other consoles from their era. As a bonus I will say if a game is region protected or not (i.e if a game is region protected, it will only play on a machine from the same country, or will need a converter) I will also say if the game is known by another name, or if it is availible for other consoles.

WANI WANI WORLD (2 PLAYERS) 79% (region free)

Wani Wani World is a colorful old school platformer in the same vein as Bubble Bobble, you control a little dragon armed with a mallet. You must destroy segments of the floor, so that enemies drop in, then fill the hole in to kill them, when they die they leave points collectables and power up's. Your power up's are invincibility and bombs, that can roll down and destroy multi levels, teleporters and moving platforms come into play the further you progress. There is also a little one armed bandit at the top of the screen that sometimes yeilds power up's. The game play is fun, if a little sedate, there are the obligatory boss battles at the end of levels, plus mini games before you advace to the next stage. The graphics are colorful if a little simple, and the music is a little naff, but not terrible. If you like Bubble Bobble, you will like this, if not you will find it a little boring. (only on Megadrive). 

WARLOCK (1 PLAYER) 70% (region free)

Loosely based on the little known horror film of the same name, Warlock is a kind of platform shooter. The visuals and audio are stunning for a 16bit game, creepy and ominous throughout. An evil wizard is transforming villagers into all manner of werewolves and zombies, and you must stop him using your magic orbs. But Warlock isn't as joyous to play, as it is to look at, it is very hard to land a hit on your enemy due to the game design, and the nature of the projectiles that you are armed with. It all gets frustrating very quickly, which is a shame because the atmosphere and feeling of dread is excellent. (also on SNES). 

WEAPON LORD (2 PLAYERS) 70% (region protected)

Released towards the end of the MD's life, Weapon Lord is a little known, one on one fighter from Namco, you could say that it's Soul Caliber for the 16bit consoles, but that would be too optimistic. Weapon lord does indeed feature lots of sword play, and a combo system a lot like Soul Caliber, plus weapon clash and breakages, there's even a character that looks just like 'Rock'. The game has decent, if a little grainy, graphics and music, along with voice samples to anounce fighters names and the like. Bloodier than 'Mortal Kombat' there are finishing moves in here, but I found them almost impossible to pull off, and herein is where the problems lie, the moves are really hard to execute (though easier than the slower SNES version) and you end up just button mashing most of the time, I'm sure that a player guide would be most helpful. The SNES version has better visuals and audio, but is slower with smaller sprites, so take your pick. (also on SNES)

WHIP RUSH 2222 AD (1 PLAYER) 69% (region free)

Whip Rush is your standard fare MD shooter, you get weapon power up's to collect, and bosses to fight. At first glance Whip Rush is quite dissapointing, the graphics and visual effects are below par, it all looks very blanched, and like about half of the MD's color palette is unused, the end of level bosses are particularly poor to look at, with your standard drone enemies managing to look better. But Whip Rush plays well at least, and the music is retro-tastic, and I do like the way you only loose a weapon when hit, before dieing, and the enemy AI is quite good too. There are tons of great shooters on the MD, so only buy if really cheap. (only on Megadrive).

WOLFCHILD (1 PLAYER) 87% (region free)

Wolf Child is a brilliant platform shooter from 'Core' of Tomb Raider fame. It doesn't matter which console the game is running on, they all look, sound and play great. The main character starts off as a man, armed with punches and smart bombs, until you collect a orb that transforms you into a werewolf that can fire bolts of energy from his hands. The graphics are very well done, with excellent use of parallax scrolling, good choice of colors and great looking enemy sprites. Falling platforms and hidden traps are here, as well as the obligatory end of level bosses and mini bosses. The second insect based level is a bit of a head ache, with too many cheap hits, and the screen is too detailed/busy for my liking. A special mention should go to the music, which is amazing considering the MD's feeble Z80 sound chip, it really is that good. The SNES version has very sightly better visuals, whilst the Mega CD features CD sound, but both Sega versions trump the SNES version for game speed and control. (also on Amiga, Master System, Mega CD and SNES).

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SOCCER 2 (2 PLAYERS) 50% (region protected)

Could this be the most rare and expensive game on the Megadrive? I wouldn't normally waste valuable review space on a football game as poor as this, especially as I have already reviewed the best one, but when I found out that a copy of this sold for £750 on ebay, I just had to review it. Released in '94 towards the end of the MD's life and made by Sega Sports, WCS 2 is one of the weaker football titles. Biased more towards arcade play style, there are only three buttons, pass, lob and shoot, with no sprint, through ball or volley to speak of. The graphics are terrible and lazy. The animations are awful, and the player sprites are all exactly the same, including the keeper. The Audio is awful too, with what seems like one noise for hitting the ball, and one annoying tune that loops constantly during play. I could forgive all this if the game play was up to snuff, but it's so skippy and clunky, with laughably limited moves, that I can only say that everything about this game sucks. (only on Megadrive)


This game is more like three games in one, you get a mickey game, a donald game and a cooperative two player game. The meat is in the mickey and donald single player games though, as the two player mode isn't that much fun. Not like Castle of Illusion, this game is totally different all together, Mickey and Donald's attack is a magic carpet that transforms enemies into flowers (I know, but it is disney after all). Mickey and Donald can run jump and collect items, the level designs are fun and entertaining, with gorgeous back drops and lots happening. The Donald game is a little harder, but not frustrating. The graphics and sound in the game are top notch, and will bring a smile to your face. Everything about this game is quality, and is a worthy addition to any Megadrive collection, although I can't help but wonder what it would have been like, had the programmers transfered the play mechanics from Castle Of Illusion . (only for Megadrive)

WORMS (2 PLAYERS +) 60% (region protected)

Worms is a multiplayer action strategy game, that requires you to use a plethora of weapons, aiming and judgement skills in order to kill the other teams worms. I would go into a lot of detail about this game normally, because the game has a simply huge amount of things to talk about, there are about twenty different weapons alone, even before you start to talk about the fantastic gameplay. But sadly the Megadrive version isn't worth the space, because it is missing some features such as background music, but there are worse things about this port. The menu system is terrible, requring you to jab the 'C' button to cycle through menus as well as doubling up as 'quit screen' and the 'look' feature, which you need to hand always. It's very hard to tell which worms are yours, as they are extremely small and there are no color differences between teams, there isn't even a CPU game in here, so unless you have a mate that likes playing flawed and inferior versions of Worms you're screwed. I wouldn't normally be so harsh but Worms is on just about every console from the mid nineties on you can think of, and they are all brilliant.  


I really wanted to like Adamantium Rage, with it's nice graphics and great sound, but unfortunately it plays like a pig. The control is totally unresponsive and sloppy, and the colision detection even worse. It's so frustrating trying to make platforms over and over again, because Wolverine won't do as he is told. The SNES version was handled by a different team, and is different game again, but that sucks ass too. I can't find anything to recommend this game unless you are a masochist. (also on SNES)


If you have read some of my other reviews, then you might alredy know that I can't stand wrestling games on the home consoles... I do however love a good arcade mash up! Wrestlemania Arcade is a good arcade fighter, that is fast and frantic, with matches lasting 30 seconds on average, and tons of combos and comedy signature moves, such as the Undertakers tombstone, head smash, and his stream of bats that fly from his hands. Unfortunately the MD port of the game is the worst of the lot, all eight fighters are here, and so is most of the speech, but what is here is lacking definition and colors, plus the voice samples are few and scratchy, and for some strange reason, the special moves are harder to pull off than the other ports. The SNES and 32X versions feature more colors, animation and sound, but the ultimate version is on the Playstation, and is worth seeking out if fast arcade action is your bag. (also on SNES, Playstation, Saturn and 32X).

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