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Cart region lock-out guide for megadrive collectors.

konami (all locked)
as far as know.
acclaim (mostly unlocked).
ea (mostly unlocked except for 97/98 titles)



afterburner II (early lock, easily by passed with a game genie, and without needing a code), alien soldier (u.s. lock out), comix zone, golden axe III (u.s. lock out), mickeys magical adventure 2, mickey mania, pro striker final, ristar, sonic3, sonic spinball, story of thor , tanto r (u.s. lock out), the ooze, thunderforce IV, virtua racing, yu yu hakusho,


aaah!real monsters, bloodshot, bodycount, brutal paws, donald duck malard mauri, dragon (the bruce lee story), earthworm jim 1+2, fifa 98, jurassic park, mickey mania, olympic summer games, ren and stimpys invention, rock n roll racing, sensible soccer international (limited edition), sketeton krew, streets of rage 3 (European only lock), striker, total football, ultimate soccer, zool,

Australian (pal regional lock, will work on u.k. european machines)

aero the acrobat 2,

Korean (ntsc regional lock, will work on a japanese machine)

world heroes, thunderforce IV,

Genesis (u.s. ntsc)

flashback (u.s. only lock), death and return of superman, dinosaurs for hire (u.s. only lock), fifa 97, nhl 98, superman (won't run on a region free console, works via mega key),


Asian (pal or ntsc region lock, pal is most likely to be the most common lock, should have a silver sticker stating if an ntsc version)

jurassic park (pal), outrun 2019 (pal), world heroes (ntsc),

Classic games that dont have a lockout on u.k./european/jap or asian machines:-

aero blasters, bad omen, bare knuckle 1/2, battlemania 1, castle of illusion, elemental master, fatal fury 1/2, ghouls n ghosts, gleylancer, golden axe 1/2, kabuki warriors, king of monsters 2, shadow dancer, shinobi 1/2, spiderman:- seperation anxiety, nhl 94, raiden trad, road rash 1/2/3, sonic 1/2, strider 1/2, super hang-on, super monaco gp 1/2, task force harrier, undeadline, vapour trail.


There are games that won't work properly with a 6 button controller (with these games just hold the mode button in at start up) :-

mrs pacman, forgotten worlds,


super skidmarks (no lock and runs in 60hz but is total unplayable at that speed).

The best way to play most games on a console, is to buy a region free modified console, (known as criminal to do to a japanese model as they are highly collectable, and will lose value if done),


a 50-60hz and language mod is needed to play all games from all regions, the best and easiest to mod is a mk1 u.k. european console, it will then also be full screen as well as able to play ntsc games which are nearly 20% faster, also the mk1 is known to have the best audio and visuals (either an av cable or an rgb cable is needed to show colour in 60hz mode, best cable is the rgb with audio jack lead).


will be updating this guide as i go along, as far as know all info is accurate, could poss do with some help in making list more near complete, so if know of a game not listed that has lock just send message and ill ask around to try n confirm it before adding to list.

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