MERATOL slimming pills

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Please do some reasearch if you are considering buying these!
In the research I have tried to do I have come across a dead end as regards to any GENUINE customer reviews. Simply put, there are very few genuine customer reviews on the net, which leads me to think that there is somthing a bit suspicious about the marketing of this product. Try it for yourself!! Type Meratol into Google and you will see hundereds of results that all say "reviews" and "real customer comments" but scratch the surface of these results and all you will get is adverts for the pills and links leading back to the Meratol website. I think after scrolling through several thousand of these results I only found ONE PAGE of what appeared to be genuine customer reviews. Somehow I believe these web comments are being tightly controlled by the makers of this diet pill. (also the makers of Capsiplex)
Now onto the product itself!
I ordered mine a week ago and have followed all the instructions to the letter, and the only pounds I have lost are money ones! In short they have not worked for me, and have proved to be a huge waste of time and cash! Now I may have somthing wrong with me that is stopping these amazing pills from working? Maybe I am stuffing my face? or taking no excersise?? Answers to these is NO! I have been following a strict fruit and veg diet and walk my dog for excersise (I also have a stationary bike I use an hour a day too!) and if I take these company claims of "3-5lbs per week" I should have indeed lost at least 3lbs, but I have not...not an ounce!! But that is not saying that these pills will not work for anyone. They may indeed work for some people but unfortunatly not for me. But at £30 a bottle (a weeks shopping for me!) they are far too expensive to deliver zero results! In fact I think their claims are so outlandish and OTT considering there is not one bit of scientific evidence to back them up, are just stupid! If these tablets are anything at all they are a FOOD SUPPLIMENT!! Now I may be silly but thats a lot of money to pay for a food suppliment!
Basically there is only one way to loose weight. Diet and excersise!! Your calorie intake must be less than the calories your using!
And if you are considering trying these pills do your own research, and see for yourself!
I would love to say this product helped me lose 30 lbs!! But I can't, as I have not!
The only pounds I have lost are from my purse!!
Hope this has been helpfull!
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