MG Sports Cars

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There has never been such a great marques as the MG Sports Car.

Being the company director of Bakewell Bookshop I have sold hundreds if not thousands of car books and without doubt the two cars that interest people the most in this country are Rover and MG with the MG being the more emotive of the two. I had initially anticipated a better interest in Jaguar cars and so joined the JEC but soon came to realise that more people would rather own a classic MGB Mark I than a classic XJ6. Even though one is total refinery and the other boasts toggle switches and in the case of the MGC a battering by the press of the day.

MG Sports cars have a distinctive sexy look about them and offered an outstanding performace in their day.  You might have owned or still own an MGB GT V8 that can blast down the motorway at an illegal 125mph and do 0-60 mph in 8 seconds (sounds slow now - even the new Ford People Carrier can do it in 6 seconds) or you might have owned or still own an MGB Roadster which didn't perform quite as well but which seemed even sexier and which was a magnet to attract the opposite sex in the 80's.

Was the MG Metro a mistake - probably I owned three of these which were never out of the garage because they were broken not because I wanted to preserve them! And then came the biggest mistake of all the MG Maestro which was a big Metro with even bigger problems associated with it.

If you're going to spend £1000's on a car, let it be a nice little classic sports car and let it be a classic MG not the terribly expensive classic Jaguars. I used to sell cars on eBay motors and to be honest if I were ever going to buy an interesting car eBay would be my first choice. I started off selling 4x4's and Military Vehicles which was highly profitable, hard yet enjoyable work. I then progessed to selling sports cars which was even harder as people wanted them to be in mint condition, unlike the Land Rovers that I could sell which were often hand painted anyway. 

The MG is as I say a Great Marques and if you ever need a book to increase your interest in MG and its cars or Rover or Jaguar or any Vehicle, then you can always email me and I will be pleased to let you know what books I have in stock at the time.

But if you really want to have some fun and turn heads and be talked to every time you stop for a rest then buy a Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster and a litre of Brasso and then you'll actually be somebody who everybody wants as a friend.   




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