MGF and MGTF steering racks

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I was looking about on Ebay for a MGTF S/rack and found nearly all sellers did not know that an MGF rack and an MGTF rack are different.

This is because both racks look the same and will fit either car, so why does it matter? well the MGF always had a problem with high speed stability nothing dangerous it just made it a bit tiresome to drive for a long time at motorway speeds. Anyway to cure this when MG brought out the TF they changed the steering ratio not by much but enough to make it feel the same at low speed but improve stability at high speed.

So if your a fan of MGF's a popular change is to the MGTF rack but these are very expensive which is were the problem lies in buying second hand as the MGF rack is much cheaper and will fit a TF and being a popular upgrade to an F you dont really know what you are buying. There are no clear numbers that I know of on the racks which identify them apart the only way I know is the F rack has 3.2 turns lock to lock and the TF is 2.8 even when compared to each other off the car it's still hard to tell. I use a large pair of mole grips lightly clamped to the colum splines and then compare turns.

I have told a number of sellers this and some have taken note but some don't care so be careful.
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