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These guys are sharks. I ordered 6 iPhone docking stations from them. All 6 arrived but only one of the 6 matched the picture and dimensions specified in their advert. I requested replacements for the 5. First email was ignored. I sent a second email threatening to report to eBay, and they responded telling me the 5 smaller units did the job so I should keep them. I replied and explained that the size of the units was important (long story) and I didn't want the 5 smaller units and again requested exchange. Ecell's response was to tell me to return the 5 smaller units for a refund - no mention of exchange! 

I returned 5 units by registered post. I heard nothing from them for a couple of weeks (and no refund). Chased again and they replied promising to process refund. A few days later one of the returned units was refunded. I complained and heard nothing. I complained again and was told that they would refund the others. Then I heard nothing. I threatened to escalate to eBay but heard nothing. I escalated to resolution centre and Ecell responded immediately suggesting that I had only returned one unit. However, if I withdrew my feedback then they would refund the other 4 units. Funny eh? I refused.

Unfortunately I didn't pay with Paypal (I paid with credit card) and so ultimately eBay could not force a refund. So I lost out.

Oh, and despite all this they are still today advertising these units with the wrong picture and dimensions. 

The morals of the story are 
1. Don't buy from Ecell (E-cell) and 
2. Always use PayPal when buying from eBay.  
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