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I have been scammed a few times on ebay by people selling fakes.  I recently purchased 3 x 'alleged' lip glosses by Molton Brown.  2 x were used as gifts and I kept one for myself.  When I opened it - the whole top section fell apart.  I am certain this would not have happened on a genuine MB product.  I re-contacted the seller who promised me they were genuine and offered to send me the receipt - I am still waiting !  Unfortunately I had already left +ve feedback.

RECOMMEND:  Do not leave feedback until you have tested/used the products - even if it means waiting some weeks.

I am also aware that PowerSellers sell fake items.

RECOMMEND:  Best way to avoid fakes is to buy from people who are selling a one off - ie -they are not trading in very low cost 'purportedly' genuine items.    Avoid buying from sellers who are trading in large quantities.  Many fakes are extremely convincing.

I recently bought some MB dispenser pumps off ebay, then on a trip to York, I discovered that you can buy them for just £1 each from their shops or their head office.  50p of this goes direct to charity.  So please be aware when buying these items and don't be scammed into paying £4 or more for them !

RECOMMEND:  Do you research.  Always check the cost of items from the direct manufacturer - the people who make and sell them !  All big brands have their own websites.  If you check the selling price at that time with them - then you'll know if you're getting a bargain or being ripped off.

I have loads of examples of the above - too many to list.

If  you have any questions - please feel free to contact me.


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