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Motorcyclists account for 20% of all injuries and deaths on the road.


I have written this quick guide after discovering potentially dangerous helmets for sale on Ebay.

If you intend to buy a helmet from outside the UNITED KINGDOM or EUROPE, please make sure that it meets the relevant SAFETY STANDARDS.

The Majority of helmets imported from CHINA Etc. have NEVER been tested to uk Safety. Always enquire with the seller before purchase to ensure theirs have the relevant certificate.

IF THEY DO NOT QUALIFY THEN DO NOT BUY - Do you really want to put YOUR HEAD/KIDS HEAD in something that may actually be worse than wearing nothing. How would you feel after an ACCIDENT when you realise what should have made things SAFER, did in fact make things WORSE.

You could even find your insurance invalid or not receive payment from other parties as YOU will have been on the road ILLEGALLY.

All motorcycle helmets sold in the UK must conform to ECE 22-05 or the older British Standard 6658(Type A-Blue Label or Type B-Green Label).

These Standards mean that a percentage of every batch made are tested and if any fail the whole batch is scrapped.

NOW !!! 

The bad bit  -  UK Law does not forbid people selling these from outside the country and apparently there is nothing that can be done about it, as they can still be used legally off road etc.

But be ware if you sell one to somebody as a road legal helmet you are actually breaking the LAW and could find yourself in serious trouble.





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