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Like if this guide is helpful

I am a film fan and i collect banners,heres a brief guide to help you choose .  

movie promo banners are produced for distribution and promotional purposes in cinemas & multiplexes.

Their job is to catch the eye and stand out for marketing & to get you to see the film.

Film banners come in different sizes with different ways of hanging them.

soft vinyl - these are the nicer ones usually with woooden hanging rods at each end,good soft vinyl hard to break unless torn,easily rippled if stored incorrectly or rolled too tight.

Examples The Guardian triple set of banners,Cinderella man 4 banner set


Soft vinyl again these are horizontal banners usually hang with eyelets across the cinema walls can be torn or rippled the ink can be still be tacky and be a problem,as i saw with memoirs of a geisha banner,and the fantastic four.

Hard Vinyl banners these are usually again with eyelets and are over 8ft long vertically too tall for domestic use,recent noticeable banners.

Ironman,The Hulk Indiana,jones these come wrapped in a box to protect and complete with rope

Hard vinyl banners are cumbersome not easily displayed,and very prone to damage,the vinly can crack,splinter, shatter if dropped.

Hard Vinyl with hanging rods the film companies have started using these more,and again these can be easily broken.


jumper set of four banners,sweeney todd double set,AVPR double banner set


faults can be

Cracking at the hanging rods where the fine fishing line used to hang them has cut through the top.

Splintering at the sides where due to handling or carriage damage cracks or chunks maybe missing.

Rippling caused by improper rolling.

lack of glue or double sided tape has diminished its stickiness

Careless damage caused by cinema staff a no1 reason for damaged banners                           

Hard Vinyl 6ft banners the most EASY to hang & use for display in the home,these come with the rods and line to hang them.

Mini banners come in boxes and are made from card these are hung by wire,examples the brothers grimm,the return.

How to hang your banners. i prefer not to use the line thats provided but i attach hooks to the wall,and rest the pole so that it fits into the hooks,thus supporting the rod better.

WHY should i collect banners if your a movie fan and like huge pieces of cinema art this is for you,but be wise enough to know that a few of these can take up a lot of room,and the more you have the more storage space you need,most people collect them & then sell them for that reason alone.

Are they valuable as collectors items?

answer is yes & no some are some arent,you must remember unlike cinema posters ,there is less of a mass market appeal for banners,dont go buying expecting to make money out of them easily,the bottom line is they are only worth  to you,what you pay for them,and less to others film fans.

How much should i pay?

As little as possible,like all things whats current will be sold for more than its real worth,try and wait a few months till it comes back on Ebay,the postage is a killer and with greedy sellers looking to make more profit from postage,always try and collect in person.

Where can i find banners?

Good places to start are your local cinema chains,they often will have clear outs for charity 2 or 3 times a year,expect to pay anywhere from 10-15 per banner,the most i paid was £50 for a star wars episode 3 banner the money went to charity,the least was 0.99p for a 28days Later Banner.

if buying privately always make sure you know exactly where your going,and have someone with you,and that cheap item might not be so cheap if you havent taken in distance and petrol.

why are there banners for sale that films arent out yet?

like all things certain items leak onto the market,ahead of time with people cashing in on them,they either work in cinemas ,distribution or just have access to items.

Can i get into trouble for collecting banners or film items?

No but be aware if you have something from film companies and are looking to make a fast buck from it,they might not like it,and it may be numbered and have property of respective film companies on it.

what should i collect?

what ever takes your eye,is the rule dont go collecting every item you come across but just pick up what you like,you will enjoy it more!











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