MT Software Solutions - BEWARE!

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Fellow EBayers

Recently I purchased software from the company MT Software Solutions for a beginners/advanced learner's guide to photography.

I was excited when the package arrived only to be quickly dissapointed upon reviewing it.

The MT Software Solutions branded item was instead a copy of the 1993 US Navy Nonresident Training Course in photography that is readily available online for free.  I wrote the company about their deception to which they replied that they "are free to distribute this item as they saw fit" regardless that they were promoting a product that wasn't their own.

Is it the practice of this company to label others work as their own? If they are indeed free to distribute this item in the public domain - then why do they remove the cover page that indicates that this is a military training program and add their own image? And why no mention in their ad that this program was created for veterans of the US Navy in 1993?

It leads me to question how many of their other "innovative software solutions" are indeed cheap knock-offs of someone elses work.

So you have been warned fellow EBayers - let the buyer beware here!



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