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welcome to the world of dbc9mx

We all enjoy a weekend at the track. a time to catch up with friends and enjoy the racing ,
But for most of the parents it doesnt just end with packing the van up and driving home.
So i thought i would write this guide to perhaps share a little of my knowledge on the sometimes frustrating job of cleaning a motocross bike.

Ok lets get started, first we need a good quality cleaning product.
This is why i set up an exellent cleaner at a fraction of main stream prices.
There are many good quality cleaners on the market but i think quality and value make a good package.


So on with the cleaning

Most riders or parents wait until the bike has cooled down before washing the bike. a good idea as you dont want to wash a hot bike, but with dbc9mx bike cleaner there is no need to wait, you can spray on the cleaner and then make a cuppa and come back to the bike when you've drunk your tea, this is possible with our cleaner as it was developed not to harm any part of the bike no matter how long the cleaner is left on.

Now most people own a pressure washer.a great tool and a must for any mx rider.
fire it up and let it rip, washing the cleaner from the bike until all the parts and plastics are clean. so why is it you see most people take out a brush from the back of the van and start scrubbing ?. not only will you scratch your plastics you also put time on the job itself.

Ok now weve washed the bike what happens next.

This is where our 2nd product comes into play dbc9mx Aftercare

This product works in two ways. it will when sprayed on the bike it will dissperse all the water from the bike, and then in about five minutes it will leave the bike with the most incredible shine. plus the added bonus it wont need to be sprayed with half a gallon of wd40 ( like we do ) as it will also lubricate all the obvious working parts.

So just to cap it all the less time we spend on the frustrating side of our sport the more time we can spend enjoying it.we hope all those people who have bought our products have cut down on the time needed to clean their bikes and spend more time riding them.

All our products are safe to use on all parts of the bike, they wont harm or discolour any metals ie aluminium annodised or chromed parts, totally biodegradable and safe to use.

So there we have it, this may not be the best review you may read but i thought i would just take the oppertunaty to let you know a little about our products, need any more info pay us a visit on our website

many thanks
the dbc9mx team

p.s yes its me on the pictures

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