MYSTERY AUCTIONS Are they really a bargain?

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MYSTERY AUCTIONS Are they really a bargain?


Ever hear the expression, - "a pig in a poke?". This refers to buying what is ostensibly a pig but it is in a bag and all you can do is wonder if the seller is telling the truth.


Same applies to Mystery Auctions. Are you really getting anything of value? Maybe you are only getting dryer lint. Maybe you really will only get an empty box. So many of these auctions state you are "bidding on the box" and they will add a few bonus items to it. The "bidding on a box" is meant to be a disclaimer so you can't file a SNAD - significantly not as described, report with eBay.


How can you tell the good Mystery Auctions from the not so good ones?


Mystery auctions can be a lot of fun. It is like the grab bags you see at the bazaars for $1 or for $5. The problem of course is to know if what is in the MYSTERY AUCTION is really worth what you are paying.

Check the sellers feedback. Most sellers (such as myself) who run legitimate Mystery auctions, make sure that positive feedback for a mystery auction is noted so you can see that the buyer was happy with what they received.

Check the overall feedback of the seller too. Less than 98%? Then do some looking. Find out what those negatives are for. If they are from nonpayers, that certainly doesn't go against the seller.

But if they are for mystery auctions where the buyers are unhappy, then I would think twice before clicking and bidding on one of their mystery auctions.


Why do people bid on Mystery Auctions?

It's human nature to be intrigued by the unknown and folks just love surprises. But make sure when you bid and win a Mystery Auction that you end up with a PLEASANT surprise.

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