MYSTIC TOPAZ - Customer Care Guide & Information

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Mystic Topaz - Guidance and Care Of.

Mystic Topaz was first introduced at the Hong Kong Jewellery Trade Fair in 1998. Mystic Topaz is a natural gemstone that is enhanced by bonding the Topaz with Titanium at the molecular stage. As such there are a few simple rules you should follow in the care of these beautiful stones.

1) The enhancement treatment applied to mystic topaz gemstones produces beautiful, iridescent colours that are quite durable and hard. The treated layer is only microns in thickness; it is not deposited in thick layers.

2) By following some simple precautionary measures, the enhancement will last the lifetime of the jewellery setting.

3) The enhanced gemstone should not be exposed to any abrasives, acids or immersed in an ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaners may contain a pickling solution that would cause irrepairable damage to the surface of the gemstone.

4) Abrasive cloths may scratch the enhanced surface of the gemstone. This may not remove the treatment but could damage the optical surface and affect the reflection of light travelling through the gemstone. This influences the colour and clarity of the gemstone.

5) High hea may adversly affect the refractive index, badly affecting the colour intensity. Heat should NOT be applied to the gemstone.

6) We suggest you use a proprietry cleaner specifically made for opals or pearls, your expert local jewellery should be able to advise. A mild soap and water rinse also works well. Simply wash off the dulling surface oils and blot dry with a clean paper towel. This will restore the colours to their original lustre and brilliance.

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