Maclaren Techno What They Don't Mention About Harness

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I recently had an unfortunate experience with my brand new Techno Classic Pushchair.

My one year old son fell asleep on the way home from the shops so when I got home I left him asleep in the garden at the back door.

He is not a huge child and was fully harnessed into the pushchair with the fitted 5 point harness.

Completely asleep he must have moved a bit and the whole thing tipped backwards onto my concrete path. Leaving my poor baby with his legs up in the air and his head on the path.

Luckily he wasn't seriously hurt apart from a bad bump to the head and a big shock, as I was very close by to get him out and see to him straight away.

Now like I say hes not particulary large for his age and was positioned properly in the pushchair and yet it had still unbalanced so easily.

I took the pushchair back to the shop to complain about the balance issue and the retailer sent it back to Maclaren who conducted tests on it. They refused to comment on whether it was an isolated incident caused by a fault on that individual buggy or whether it was a design fault. But they issued a full refund to me without so much as an apology or explanation. Which to me implies theres a problem!

Meanwhile, the shop owner pointed out to me that Maclaren and other buggy manufacturers can cover themselves from any come back after accidents like this by a clause used in their instruction books.

It states that a child should always be strapped in with the harness provided AND with a seperate D-Ring type Reins harness attached to the rings provided on the pushchair. And that it is of course the carer's responsibilty to ensure this is done.

Now you tell me why this is not written in big red writing on all prams?!? And why do they provide a 5 point harness is they openly admit in the small print that it is not sufficiently safe for our precious little ones.

I hope this warning is of some help to you all and prevents this happening to any other sleeping babies.

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