Maclaren Techno XLR - FANTASTIC!

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I have written a few guides, 2 of which are about prams which I have tried and tested: a Jane Powertrack 360 and a Maclaren Quest Mod. The Maclaren Techno was my third purchase and I absolutely love it!

I had a Maclaren Quest and when out and about I had seen a few mums pushing a Techno, it looked nice so I thought I would save up and get a Techno and if I didn't get on with it, sell it on eBay.

I have used it extensively and it is just brilliant!


  • It has several reclining positions: you can lie your child all the way down virtually. Great if your child tends to drop off if you are out shopping.
  • It has a larger shopping basket
  • It has larger, more durable wheels and feels much smoother when pushed.
  • It has a removable seat cover which makes the pushchair feel really luxurious and padded.
  • The hood has a great 'zip out' feature which enables it to be used as a sunshade - ideal if you forget your parasol or don't want one.
  • It has adjustable handles for a tall or short parent.
  • It has 2 handy pockets on the back for storing a bib or nappy.
  • It has a viewing window on top of the hood - rather than at the back as on the Quest model.
  • It folds flat and can really be used one handed.
  • The brake is much stronger than the Quest.


  • It would be nice if it came in more colours - or you could buy liners seperately to jazz it up a bit
  • The raincover doesn't cover the entire pushchair.

This pram is great value if you are expecting a baby but on a strict budget - as it can be used from birth, comes with a raincover and footmuff and is really smooth.

I know use this as my main pushchair and keep my Quest for quick shopping trips or when boot space is limited.


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