Maclaren Techno XT pram

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I went through a lot of research before buying my daughter's pram, from all possible sources, including other parents. I ended up opting for the MacLaren Techno line and now I dare say I made the right choice for the following reasons:

* It's lightweight: weighing just under 7 kilos, it's one of the lightest pram to fold and carry around (cassis is lightweight aluminum)
* It's easy to fold: One can practically close it with one hand and one foot (I've done it in less than 7 seconds, holding the baby in my arms)
* Portability, you can tuck it away in any reasonably sized trunk of a medium-sized car, and that is exactly it's benefit vis-a-vis other prams: I've seen all those modular systems (my sister has a peg perego) but they are so bulky that they literally take up all the space of the trunk and they are heavy. But with this one, you just fold it (full length when folded approx.110 cm), tuck it away in the trunk and off you go.
* Suitable from birth: You can buy it for your newborn and keep it until your child does not need a pram anymore, which is a terrific money-saver. In fact, I believe it's one of the very few (if not the only one) branded prams that are suitable from birth and can endure up to early childhood (without you having to buy all additional seats, baskets, etc). For this reason, they have incorporated a seat that can be reclined in various positions, from completely flat (for newborns or older babies if they dose off) to completely upright.
* It's stylish: Most prams (especially the modular ones) look like something that has just landed from outer space and that something will soon pop out of them and ask you to take him to your leader. This one is reasonably sleek and hi-tech, however it maintains its' character as a pram for a baby! (and it comes in cute color combinations as well)
* You do not need accessories: In fact, if you buy the Techno XT Classic model, as I did, the pram comes full with all the necessities: a matching footmuff, a raincover and UV-protected hood that folds in and out like a little tent. I have already used each one of them, they all attach with safety poppers and it is extremely easy to put on and take off. Also, the pram has a net under the seat where you can put toys and other stuff, plus a zipped storage compartment at the back of the hood for other odds and ends (you don't have to carry an extra diaper bag, unless you tend to pack too many things with you, and in that event you can always hang it between the handles).
* Adjustability: Apart from the seat recline, you can also adjust the lenght of the handles and you can rotate them to the position that suits you (and the hubbie) the best ergonomically (that was a life saver for us, as my husband is very tall). You can also adjust the headrest (it does not come as an extra), the footrest and extend the 5-point harness as you child grows.
* Lock/Unlock Feature of front swivel wheels: With just a click the front wheels lock to a straight position (handy for long relaxed strolls on straight paved paths) or unlock them to swivel position (ideal for places where you tend to turn about a lot, such as supermarkets, malls or congested pavements or for uneven surfaces such as cobblestone etc).
* It is, no doubt, a great value for money: Using it from birth and with all those features, it is the only pram you will have to buy.

PLUS, I'm told by friends that MacLaren has excellent service. An ebay user, who messaged me, reported that when one of the plastic rods of the hood snapped, she took the pram to the MacLaren Service and they fixed it in 24 hours. I personally have now been using the pram for two years, and nothing has snapped, broken or gone out of place. In fact, I'm planning to use it for my second one (a boy along the way) by just changing the back pillow and the footmuff - they were initially purchased in hot pink).

And some cons:
It does not have a table or toy bar: which makes sense, if you don't want to sacrifice portability.
As it is very lightweight, and while your baby is very young (and light), you can't overdo it with heavy shopping bags hanging between the handles, because it tends to lean backwards!

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