Maclaren Twin Techno

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Maclaren Twin Techno

I bought the twin techno when my girls were about one and two, so I didn't actually use it from birth.  I bought the twin techno for travelling as much as I loved the double mountain buggy it is large and we were doing a lot of travelling between the UK and France, both in the car and by air, we needed something that was compact folding so the twin techno seemed to fit the bill.

The pushchair is good to look at, it comes in a range of covers. It comes with Rain cover, head hugger,  shoulder pads, foot covers and cup holders and at about £300 represents good value for money. It is solid and well made, with the quality you would expect from Maclaren

What attracted me to it was the  fact that it was compact  folding, seats which are independent so if one child wants to sleep they can while the other child sits up, swivel wheels and good size hoods which protect the children from both sun and rain, it is easy to fold and automatically stays shut when you fold it, the seats are easy to recline, with good adjustable 5 point harnesses.

I found the seats on the pushchair poorly padded, and not very wide, the girls did not look very comfortable in them but in fairness this could be because I was used to the huge seats on the Mountain buggy. If someone is looking to buy one of these don't think in terms of a small baby, borrow a toddler in a winter coat to see how comfortable  they look. I also found it heavy to push and not that easy to steer, possibly having  the two handles didn't help and the fact that I am not very tall, it felt very heavy, it is  heavier than the double mountain buggy 15.5kg  at 16kg  The shopping baskets are difficult to get stuff in and out of 

This is a great pushchair for travelling or where space is an issue, it would not be my choice for a main pushchair for twins or baby and toddler
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