Madness wristbands dont be ripped off by sellers

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If you are reading this guide you must be interested in the USB wrist bands from the concerts at the Hackney Empire on the 24/25/26 June, well regardless what sellers say these wristbands can be bought from the club itself and was not just sold only on the night of the concert the prices are £15 each + £3.60 postage, keep this in mind when bidding as it could cost you more, send me a message for link to get wristbands.


Many thanks from Graham who has highlighted some points firstly he is shocked as I was that despite this guide someone paid over £30 for a wristband which you can buy very easily from the bands website, and the seller just quite happy to make a profit, I offered a seller on here the normal price of £15 and £2 postage and got no reply obviously he wanted just to make profit!! Also Graham has highlighed a seller on here who he and myself have reported to ebay selling a cd copy from their wristband for £10 firstly the seller does not have copyright to do this, oh and ebay have not taken any action over this as seller is still selling items, maybe a email to the band might get somewhere!! And final point I have been advised of some issues with USB wristbands not working under windows media I cannot verify this as I am a mac user.

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