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Have you started reading a great book only to find that it’s the second or third in a long series? Even worse if it mentions details from previous books you haven’t read! So, here at Apple Green Books we have put together a handy list for you to check the order of books in your favourite series, and you can also quickly and easily find them all on eBay for you to purchase. We hope you find it useful, and please do not hesitate to contact us to request a list of books we don’t have. Happy reading!

Maggie Bennett

Maggie Bennett was born in Hampshire in 1931, and she worked as a nurse and midwife until she retired in 1991, and then turned to writing. She currently lives in Suffolk and has two grown up daughters and a grandson.

Here are Maggie Bennett’s books in reading list order from first to last:

Mabel Court Series

A Child’s Voice Calling

Young Mabel Court, child of her mother's hasty marriage to a spendthrift, becomes 'little mother' to her brothers and sisters growing up in south London at the start of the twentieth century. With poverty never far from the door, the battle to stay respectable is finally lost when the family breaks up in tragic circumstances, and Mabel is thrown upon the dubious mercy of her grandmother, the sinister Mimi Court, who has her own dark secrets. But faithful Harry Drover of the Salvation Army, in love with Mabel, gets an opportunity to prove his devotion when Mimi falls foul of the law and Mabel has to fight for her own survival...

A Child At The Door

A young nurse's life is forever changed by war... Orphan Mabel Court's dreams come true when she enters the Booth Street Poor Law Infirmary as a probationer nurse. But it is August 1914, and her world is about to be turned upside down. She soon meets Norah McLoughlin, another probationer, and the two girls - together with Mabel's childhood friend Maudie, now a music-hall dancer - become firm friends. As war rages across Europe, they try to keep their spirits up but when Mabel's fiancé Harry Drover is wounded at the battle of the Somme, Mabel realises that the life she and Harry had always hoped for is now an impossibility. Then when Maudie falls pregnant by an officer, and Norah's young man is lost at sea, all three girls are forced to face the fact that life will never be the same again...

Standalone Books

A Carriage for the Midwife

Can Susan escape the dark shadows of her childhood...? Born into the squalor of the notorious Ash-Pits, young Susan Lucket is determined to raise herself above the poverty of her childhood. Discovering she has a natural talent for nursing, she forges a new life for herself - and as an independent, unmarried midwife, she is a woman far ahead of her time. But when Edward Calthorpe, youngest son of the privileged landowner, offers her marriage, the memory of her terrible childhood returns to haunt her. And when Edward's wayward brother seduces little Polly, her beloved younger sister - and then betrays her in the most brutal of ways - Susan faces losing everything she has struggled for. Can she find the strength to fight for her right to happiness?

A Child of Her Time

At twenty-five, teacher Phyllis Bird is still living with her parents in a quiet Hampshire village. With so many young men lost in the Great War, including her own brothers, her life is empty and her future without hope. Until, desperate to break out of her mundane existence, she decides to take up the position of nursery maid in the London home of acclaimed playwright Harold Berridge. Befriended by the actress Maud Ling and thrown into the glamorous but fickle world of the cinema, Phyllis falls passionately in love with Maud's younger brother Teddy. But Teddy's heart lies elsewhere, and when tragedy strikes the Berridge household a heartbroken Phyllis is forced to leave. Six months later, Phyllis has started to rebuild her life but her world is turned upside down once more when she is invited to a party at Maud Ling's film studios. For there she falls under the spell of the charming but devious American actor Denver Towers, with disastrous consequences...

For Love of Lily

Lily Knowles is desperate to leave home and when she turns twenty-one she escapes to London to train as a nurse. In the excitement of the city she meets dashing Alex Redfern, who comes from a world she longs to be part of. Then comes the war, and determined to do their duty they both join up. But in the chaos of a Blitz-weary capital a misunderstanding drives the lovers apart. And on hearing of his engagement to someone else a heartbroken Lily throws herself into her work where the shocking sights she witnesses help to numb the pain of her own loss. And then she discovers that Alex has been badly wounded - a changed and bitter man he is recuperating in Shropshire. She decides to visit him, but what of their once-passionate love? And after the horrors of war can either of their lives ever be the same again?

Nights on, Nights off

A woman's outspoken views and unconventional lifestyle leads to a crisis, and she discovers there is a price to be paid for speaking your mind ...In the heightened atmosphere of a busy maternity unit there are inevitable tensions between modern technology and the demands by some mothers for a 'natural childbirth'. For widowed midwife, Shirley Pierce, there is no argument: the safety of the baby is always paramount, and her strongly held views are further deepened when she meets a younger man who has been irrevocably brain-damaged since birth, and their friendship blossoms into love of a kind. Sister Pierce's defiant attitude towards a hospital manager and her refusal to heed the warnings of her friends lead to her involvement in a horrific tragedy, and she soon discovers that there is a heavy price to be paid for resisting authority...Nights On, Nights Off is a gripping story about midwives, on duty and off, a body of professional women whose emotions and reactions are ultimately no different from those of the women they serve.

The Tailor's Daughter

This story is set in London in 1771. Plain, sensible, Tabitha Prewett is the only daughter of a tailor. Beautiful, delicate Mariette de St Aubyn is the daughter of aristocratic French emigres, who move into Bloomsbury Square. Despite the differences in class and religion - the St Aubyns are Catholics, the Prewetts Protestant - the two girls form a deep friendship that will sustain them throughout the many challenges and tragedies that life throws at them - and will survive even their shared love for the same man, Conor Townclear, an Irish baronet...

The Unchanging Heart

Herbert Pond, the parson, has one daughter, the beautiful eighteen year old Elizabeth, who is courted by the Squire's son, Adam Horrocks. Trouble occurs when Elizabeth falls deeply in love with young Richard de Boville, the son of a wealthy landowner, Sir John de Boville, whose common land enclosures have caused great poverty to local families. Meg Venn, a close childhood friend of Elizabeth, watches her family suffer great hardships. After the death of his wife, Zack Venn turns bitter and violent and takes his daughter to London Distressed by the working conditions in a rough inn where Meg finds employment, she is desperate to leave and is tempted by an offer by a woman who visits the inn. Mrs Duvalle promises Meg a better standard of living but in time Meg finds that the woman has planned a dubious future for her.

The Carpenter’s Children

Ernest, Isabel and Grace Munday were blessed with childhoods full of fun and laughter, but the coming of the First World War will change their lives forever - Tom Munday, a skilled carpenter, is more than content with his lot in life: he's been blessed with a fine wife and three wonderful children. But when war breaks out, his firstborn, Ernest, is called upon to join the army. Tom's eighteen-year-old daughter Isabel finds the path of true love does not run smoothly in London's poor East End. And the youngest, fifteen-year-old Grace, wilful and headstrong, finds herself drawn down a path she never wished to embark on, and the consequences are far worse than she could ever have imagined.

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