Maggie Sottero wedding dresses buying guide

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Hi to all future brides who would like to buy Maggie Sottero dress for the big day!
I think, with my experience of working in bridal shops u can find very useful what I'm going to share with you!
I'm often checking bridal auction on ebay- just curiosity. I had MS dress on my wedding.
The main problem I found reading the auctions description is the sizing.
 Very often girls who are selling MS dresses say : size 10, but will easily fit size 8-12 thanks to laced back!
  IT WOULD NOT!!!!!Of course size may vary - depends what is the style of the dress, but MS is small sizing, and her dresses have V panel under the laces in the back, that has the button to hold the dress in place and shape If u remove it, dress will look ok in front, but u would end up with back looking like there was not enough fabric to finish it. MS dresses laced back is counted into whole dress measurment - the V shape should be exactly the size of triangle panel under the laced fitting - otherwise dress looks too small straight on. If its too big, and u remove the panel to pull it tighter, you will have side cut and stitching running in the middle of your buttocks.
MS is narrow in hips and if u choosing dress A-line or mermaid style shaped, u must get the right size. Example - My beloved Rhianna Royale style - A-line, few layers of satine and tulle, lace and 3 dimension flowers, laced back. The dress is very fitted and goes wider from thighs. If u r size 10UK and u r thinking about getting size 8 - the dress would never fit - the side cuts would be running more in front (should go exactly straight down from the armpits), dress will start to look rouched, wrinkled, cut in etc - not smooth, bones in corset would come into your skin, as well as edges and u may not be able to sit. Only one option is to buy size more and professionaly pull it in. No room to make most of MS dresses bigger. The dresses may look big in hips (princess type), but it's inside slip or layers of boned satin etc, which is made to the right size, outer part is decorative. The right lenght is also important in some styles, as u may damage the pattern on the lace overlay etc. ELEGANT BRIDE should know what is the Right lenght - there should not be a small gap between the floor and hem, that people could see ur shoes! SHOES SHOULD REMAIN INVISIBLE!! (no matter of their price and designer)And  this is special challenge for well made dress and pettitcoat (it would lift the weitght of the gown).
So just remember: MS comes small, quite long (58" standart), is narrow in hips, there is no room in laced back for 2 sizes (no matter what people write).Genuine MS dresses should always have few sizes on the label (US, EUR, UK etc) - ask for all. Ask for 1 measurment if u not sure of the size: bust and under the bust , but only in front  from side stitches - u can do the same with hip part. Check the size of the back V shaped panel. MS always comes with certificate of authenticity - ask 4 it. MS dresses are heavy and made very carefully with huge attention to details. The prices varies from 550 to 2350 pounds. Average is 1150. (Lace is more expensive than satin) When dress is ordered to UK salon - taxes charge is about 160 pounds included in the price of the gown - but each salon may have different agreement. You can't purchase MS from US directly anymore - company policy.
Check all measurment on MS internet page before and never think that u would loose weigh before the wedding. The best is to order the sample in bridal salon or just go there and try on any MS dress in the size you think is right. US6 - UK8, US 10 - UK12 etc., but small.
 My guide can sound complicated, but wedding dresses are different than ordinary one-if u have option to try it on before, ALWAYS DO wearing heels of course. :)
Good LUCK!

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