Magnetic Fuel Savers

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Magnetic Fuel Savers are being sold by a number of sellers on eBay and the internet in general. With rising fuel prices they are often marketed as an ideal method of saving fuel, reducing CO2 output and often reducing engine wear. These devices do not work! In the UK the Advertising Standards Authority have investigated these devices and have never been shown any evidence that they claims can be substantiated. The sellers of these devices would have you believe that fuel savings (often claimed to be in excess of 20%) can be achieved by simply attaching a couple of magnets to the fuel line that cost only a few pounds. They claim that these devices work on both petrol and diesel engines, yet both burn fuel in different ways. These small devices are attached to the fuel line, as the fuel passes along the line it would only be adjacent to the magnets for a very small period of time, yet we are expected to believe that in this time the fuel attracts a magnetic charge and holds it long enough to be of some use during the burn process. Even if your fuel held a magnetic charge, there is no evidence that it has any benefit during combustion. Motor manufacturers world wide spend many millions of pounds developing fuel efficient engines. If they worked then fitting them would mean we gain more MPG, that means burning less fuel per journey and a reduction in CO2 output. If these devices worked in any way what so ever, then they would already be the standard fit on all production cars, lorries and motor bikes. Your car did not come fitted with one of these and there is a good reason why ....... THEY DON'T WORK!
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