Magnetic Therapy Healing Benefits

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Scientists have discovered that applying a magnetic field on a point of pain increases blood flow to that area, due to there being iron in the blood which is affected by magnetism. The increased bloodflow carries more oxygen, nutrients and healing endorphins to that area which can relieve or remove the pain.
It also reduces inflamation.

The use of magnetic therapy dates back thousands of years. The Yellow Emperor's Book of Internal Medicine published in China around 2000 bc mentions the use of magnets to correct health imbalances.
The acient Egyptians used magnetic therapy. Legend has it that Clopatra slept with a magnet on her forehead to help preserve her youthful appearance (possibly to stumlate the pinual gland to release melatonin).
The Greek philosopher Aristotle recommended using magnets as a healing therapy. Paracelcus, a phsician and alchemist in the 1400s, used magnets to energise and influence the body's lifeforce to start the healing process. Many other scientists and phsicians throughout history have used magnets to aid healing.

Although it's not guaranteed many of our customers who have purchased our magnetic hematite jewellery have emailed us saying they have indeed felt the benefits :)
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