Magnetic oil sump plugs for cars.

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Magnetic Sump Plugs - all cars!


Dear Ebayer,

Before considering purchasing one of the above please take a couple of seconds to read this advice.

For those who have a limited knowledge of cars, the sump plug is esentially the bolt that screws into your oil resevoir under your car. This is the bolt that is unscrewed and taken out to drain your cars oil before replacing.

Why buy a magnetic one?

Many sellers on ebay sell magnetic plugs/bolts. Claims are made that harmful metal fillings that could damage your engine are attracted to the bolt, thus ensuring the fillings don't get circulated back into the engine itself. While I'm sure it does work, ask yourself the question - why do I have an oil filter?

Why not to buy one!

To be honest, they wont cause your car any harm. But before paying over the odds when a standard 'Partco' style part will do - bare in mind that any harmfull metal fillings or debris that could be in your oil will be picked out by your oil filter - that's what its there for.


One guarenteed thing that will help prevent your engine being damaged is to regularly change your oil and your filter. Use good quality oil, it really is worth the extra few quid!



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