Magnotherapy - The FACTS!

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Magnotherapy, or magnetic healing is becoming very popular.  The Chinese have been using it for thousands of years, and now there is scientific medical proof that it works.

Of course, as it's popularity grows, so will the rise in inferior products!

We sell Ecoflow / Bioflow products which are the only ones to be tested by the British Medical Journal.  We do not sell them on ebay as we feel that a personal service is best.  Our address and phone number are on our shop pages for anyone who is interested in contacting us.

Beware of people selling Ecoflow plc products, (which can be called Ecoflow, Bioflow, Biopad, Thermoflow, Energyflow, H2Flow, Motoflow etc.) on ebay.  Check that they are offering the guarantees that all distributors must abide by.

1.  LIFETIME guarantee on Magnetic power
2.  1 Year Full guarantee on workmanship
3.  3 Months No Quibble Money Back Guarantee
4.  50% Customer Loyalty Bonus - Upgrade at any time and get 50% back!

If there is no guarantee, go elsewhere.  There are many reputable sellers around.  Just type Ecoflow into any major search engine.
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