Magpie Assiette - Pique Assiette with True Shabby Chic!

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Pique what?  Pique Assiette, roughly translated, means 'steal a plate' a French slang term for a 'freeloader'.  Pique Assiette art is a kind of mosaic, usually using pieces of broken china, decorating plant pots, picture frames, furniture, etc., it can be very beautiful and is very very fashionable with lovers of shabby chic, makes a unique gift and is fun!<p>


Pique Assiette is a real recycler's art form but unless you have a supply of chipped crockery you will end up having to break some good (and beautiful) items. I loved the idea but just couldn't bring myself to do it!  I  remembered Victorian 'putty pots', inspiration struck and the idea of 'Magpie Assiette' was born.<p>


The Victorians, being sentimental folk, used mementoes from their outings and special days.  I, being a joyful Magpie, use all manner of things attractive to create one-off works of art.  I use vintage beads and buttons, new beads and buttons sourced from around the world, Indian and Chinese being particular favourites.  I also use broken jewellery, semi precious stones, coins, anything that catches my eye...<p>

Magpie Assiette technique lends itself beautifully to all manner of objects but i think it makes particularly wonderful plant pots, they can live out in summer and come in during the winter.  I use frost proof, high quality terracotta pots but the grout can crack in hard frosts.<p>


I am offering one of my pieces for the first time on e-bay - I have been reticent about listing them before as I don't think photos can capture their unique charm - you really have to 'be there' as they say!  I usually produce these to order, they are truly one-off, unique and individual pieces.  I sometimes include 'treasures' given to me by the person commissioning the work, for instance,  if a favourite plate is broken it can be incorporated.  Background colour can also be chosen.  <p> 


Hope you enjoyed this guide to 'Magpie Assiette' Please contact me if you have any questions.

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