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Tibetan: Nagpo Chenpo, One of the most prominent guardians or protector deities in Tibetan Buddhism. He is the wrathful deity that destroys mind chatter and brings our minds back into attentive focus. An emanation of Chenrezi (Skt., Avalokitesvara) or Chakrasamvara. Holding a chopper and a skull cup, he stands ready to dice up his enemies (obstacles to enlightenment) and swallow their blood. A ring of fire surrounding the head heightens the destructive potential of the deity and often symbolizes the cremation grounds. Mahakala may also be a personal yidam or guiding deity.
There are various forms of Mahakala. They are Bernagchen(Black Cloak), Brahmarupa(Bramhmin Form), Chaturbhuja(Four-hands), Chaturmukha(Four-faces), Danda(Stick), Kakamukha(Raven-faced), Kartaridhara(Knife Holder), Legden(Excellent One), Maning(Eunuch), Panjarnata(Two-hands), Raudrantika(Killer of Rudra), Shadbhuja(Six-hands), Shadbhuja, Four Combined Deities(lha shi dril drub), Shadbhuja, Sita(Six-hands, White), Shanglon(Minister, from the Yutog Nyingtig), Vyaghra-vahana(Riding a Tiger).
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