Make Believe self tanning products

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Make Believe Self Tanning lotion's, Award winning stuff, and came top on the "How to look naked" show, thought that I would give it a try, as I have tried various one's like St Tropez mosturizing + tanning lotion, Dove, Nivea ect, and as I am blonde and fair skin that tan's as well as a lobster, I decided I would treat myself (and at £30 it was a treat) and have a try at this one to see if it lived up to it's hype, well I must admit I was really impressed, I put it on the first night after showering and exfoliating, it is very creamy and does not smell biscuity as much as the other's, when it has been on for a hour or so you can start to smell the biscuit smell that put's most people off but this is bareable, the next morning when I got up there was definalty some colour there already and not orange, I had also used a small amount on my face (even though it was the body lotion) and you could see this coming through, I did the same again the following night and the next morning was a really nice golden brown on my milky white legs (which when shown to people, will need sunglasses for the glare off them) I am really impressed with the quality of this product and the price of it is steep but worth it, (but you can always pick up a bargain off ebay) I have recently bought the proper face product and have yet to try this..... watch for more reviews of this product, so if you are in a dilemma about which one to choose, please don't waste your money on any of the other product's buy the best and you won't regret it, hope that this review help's..... NO MORE WHITE LEGS, BUT LOVELY GOLDEN PINS TO SHOW OFF AT THE GYM ..... mmmmmmmmmm......... Dx
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