Make Your Own Decoupage Sheets

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You can easily make your own 3D decoupage paper for use in your own craft projects, or even try to sell them on eBay!!   (providing the images you use are ok for commercial use)

If you are making greeting cards, make sure you choose an image that is well defined but still small enough to fit nicely onto the  card blank .

Use a photo editor, Word or graphics package such as  Paint Shop Pro to put 4 copies of the image on one sheet. For card making you are unlikely to need more but the beauty is, you can always print as many as you ‘do’ need!

Print onto good quality  inkjet paper - 120gsm, satin finish is good. Normal printer paper is likely to be too thin.

Cut out, looking to see which elements in the image would naturally fall in the middleground and foreground, and start playing!

Where do you get images from?

The internet offers an endless supply of free clip art and graphics that would be suitable.

A nice idea for kids is to find pictures of their favourite characters and turn those into 3D decoupage paper! Not only does it create a cute card it also teaches kids how to use decoupage in card making.

Watch out for copyrighted images – if you plan to sell your cards do not use images that were created by someone else without their permission.

A source of FREE 'copyright free' or 'royalty free' images are those in the Public Domain or created under a Creative Commons License. Copyright is a complex area, basically, if you are doing cards for your own limited use, don't worry. But, if you are going to sell your cards, or 'mass reproduce' them, check out where you stand first.

Dover Publication books  are a great resource for images - their books are intended to be used as design resources and you are allowed to create a limited amount of the same design (usually ample even for a home run card making business). If you sign up for their newsletter, you will get free image samples each week by email!

When searching for images, always look around a web page for 'Terms of Use' or an 'Angel Policy'. Also,  rubber stamps are NOT automatically copyright free, you need to check.

Software programmes such as  Greeting Card Factory Deluxe or  Hallmark come with a large collection of some gorgeous fine art which you could use for personal use. These are also ideal for making your own decoupage paper, as you lay it all out on your screen using the software.
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