Make Your Own Opoly

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The Make Your Own Opoly board looks remarkably similar to the Traditional Monopoly made by Waddingtons and is probably of the same quality. However this version is made by Creative Assembly and distributed by TDC Games Inc in Itasca. It states on the Publishing Guide that Make Your Own Opoly is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc and is used under license.

But this version is quite different from Waddingtons Traditional Monopoly, in that it does NOT contain Houses or Hotels! So you cannot build houses or hotels on your properties. All you can do is buy unowned properties that you land on; offer to buy, sell, trade or auction properties during your turn and collect rent based on the property value alone, when players land on one of your properties.

In my opinion, this inability to build on your properties takes quite a lot of the fun out of the whole game and makes it more a game of chance, rather than a game of strategy.

I have not tried to print out any of the stickers, money, deed cards or good/bad news cards. But I would suggest that you would need a fairly good printer to achieve good results. Plus if you use compatible inks as opposed to your printer manufacturer's genuine ones, you should pay very careful attention to the following FAQ from their website, the address of which is makeyourownhelpline dot co dot uk

Q: The ink from my ink jet printer seems to bead up on the coloured label paper. What can I do?

A: Some ink jet printers have water based black ink. If yours does, the best thing to do is to output your label on plain paper and then photocopy them onto the label paper.

As you can see, there are also several other problems reported on the website, such as possible installation problems, problems importing images, printer problems etc. And whilst this in itself is not necessarily a great cause for concern, it does alert you to the possibility of the problems that you could face. However, I received a very fast response indeed to an email I sent them.


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