Make feedback work better for good buyers and sellers

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So much buyer feedback is bland and vague, e.g. "A1 great item'. This does not give much information.

When I am thinking of buying a biggish purchase, e.g a camera, I check feedback (obviously). There is usually  a long a list of positive feedback for the seller (especially for EBay shops). But if you click on the descriptions of items sold for these positive feedbacks it often turns out that the items sold are small items and/or not a camera or camera related. This is not  necessarily a problem, it might still be a good deal, but trying to find another camera (or whatever item you are cross-checking) sold by the trader, might mean looking at the detail of a whole  lot of feedback items.

My suggestion is that those leaving buyer feeback should name the item they have bought in the feedback. E.g. 'nice camera', 'good bike' or whatever, so when seller feedback is checked it would be very quick and easy to see what the seller has actually been selling!! This would obviously help make genuinely good feedback more secure. I have now started to do this to help other buyers and the sellers I have got stuff from.





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