Make friends, be polite!

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Hello chicks! it may seem the smallest thing, but being nice and saying thanks go along way,i know some people can be really really hard work, but stay calm, be  polite, and 9 times out of 10 it will all work out, if your having a problem.

If you ve brought an item and its not what you think it should be, always always always contact the seller first, mistakes do happen, never just go straight to leaving an neg feedback, give them a chance to put things right. But having said that, dont let them take you for a mug! BE polite, but be firm! but if it s still not working, advice them your going to inform e-bay, if they cant see sense and give them 24 hours.If your still being ignored, or being given the run around, just inform e-bay. If you have paid by paypal, inform them.

I have noticed another thing lately which i think is probably against e-bay rules, and is certainly bad form.

A few sellers that my family and friends have come across, have had an items returned to them, but before re-funding, they have put said item back up for sale, and have more or less refused to refund till the item has sold AGAIN! now they dont seem to understand until they have refunded you, that is your item they are re-selling, and i m sure in some way is fraud?! so please sellers when someone is nice to you, but the item is nt what they thought, and send it back to you in good faith, are nt you supposed to re-fund them in good faith their money back? because i know i always have. so i suggest if this happens to you, dont go down the neg feed back route, go straight to e-bay, after all it is your money they have!

Neg feed back i think is the last thing to do, try and sort it out first, because as i said mistakes do happen, the postal service leaves a lot to be desired! and people do have lives where things go wrong, but do go to e-bay, if no one is answering your e-mails, i usually give a couple of days after i have sent the first one(, if the item is wrong), then i say i m informing e-bay within 24hrs, and if still nothing, then i tell!!! and let e-bay sort it out for me!

but good manners and being polite go along way, there are some fab people on e-bay, i should know i have made a completely fab best  friend on here, as well as chat to some lovely people!

hope this has been some help!

x x xpris x x

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