Make your OWN rub-ons !!!!!!!!!!

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Like all other scrapbook supplies, Rub-ons are another great way to add to your pages, but also take a good chunk of money out of your pocket as they are not re-usable.

Follow these easy steps, and you can create your own rub-ons and use them over and over again!

You need:

(1)Transparency paper (purchased at your local office supply store, no need to buy the expensive stuff, the local store brand will do just fine)

(2)Inkject Printer

(3)Popsicle Stick


Step 1: Insert the transparency into your inket printer, so that it prints on the SMOOTH side of the transparency.

Step 2: Open your favourite word processing or photo program and create the text/image you want to have as a rub on.

Step 3: Format your printer settings so that it is set to print on "plain paper", "best quality" and "mirror image" (the image needs to be reversed especially if you are printing text or it will appear backwards).

Step 4: Print your "rub-on"

Step 5: Let dry for about 3-5 minutes, careful not to touch it

Step 6: Place the transparency smooth side down onto your project exactly where you want the image/text to appear, holding firmly in place, and rub with a popsicle stick just like you would any other rub on. Don't be afraid to push to hard, and make sure you rub the entire image.

Step 7: Carefully remove the transparency and let ink completey dry before touching

Step 8: Use a damp cloth or paper towel to clean off your transparency and get it ready for your next rub-on, you can re-use the transparency over and over and over again.

TIPS: I recomment that you practice first on a few scraps to get the hang of it. Every ink jet printer is different so you may need to allow more or less drying time before you actually apply your rub-on. Trial, error and patience will get you creating your own UNIQUE rub-ons in no time!

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