Making Money On EBay

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An effective way for generating extra income on the Internet, and possibly even a full income, is selling merchandise on eBay. A misunderstanding about eBay, is that people think money is falling from trees and that you only need to collect it, especially if it’s Christmas time. Yet when people start their eBay activity, they find that the best guarantee for running a successful eBay store, is treating it like a regular business. Just like with a regular business, it is essential to pay a lot of attention to customers and treat them with respect and patience.

EBay can be a great source of income, but it requires an investment in time and research, preserving a high quality customer service, and keeping the overall look and feel of the store as friendly as possible. Here are some tips for the beginner, that will help with maximizing profits, and avoiding common mistakes.

Keep a clean page title. Avoid titles like “buy now” or “a really excellent camera”. Given the fact that you only have a limited space and length to make a title, you need to make one that will appear on ebay’s search results. So pay attention for what keywords you include in the title, for each product you list. Always trust your visitors that they know what they look for, and make sure you give an exact and detailed information for your items. You are most likely to make a sale if you give an accurate information.

Prefer PayPal. PayPal is an online payment service allowing money transfers from buyers to sellers, and it involves fees. If you think about avoiding PayPal because of those fees then think twice. Most customers will skip an item that they can not purchased using PayPal, simply because when it comes to money, PayPal is a trusted authority site where your credit card data is safe and never exposed.

A picture is worth a thousand words. People come to eBay to search for items expecting to see a pictures of what they are about to pay for. If your store items does not include pictures, they will not buy. Until a while ago, eBay charged money for uploading product images, but now it is free of charge, and it is highly recommended that your store items include photos. Take quality pictures and make sure to emphasize the item itself, leaving a neutral background.

Avoid broken English. The way you organize your store, sends a message to your customers, and one very important aspect is keeping the content, including the title, free from spelling errors. Spelling errors are evidence of a non professional store, and they eventually, run customers away from your store. Ebay search might not show items that include spelling errors. It is advised to copy text to an empty word document, and use its spelling checker. You can also use online translators to detect errors. In addition, consider using decorated pages for your store items, as they increase reliability, and attract visitors to scroll down on the item.

Be positive to your clients. Always be polite, answer with “Yes sir” or “No sir” just like in a typical British store. Never contempt a potential customer for asking questions even if the answer is available on the item’s page, or you think the question is stupid. Always remember that an unsatisfied visitor can easily move on to the next store. Visitors often ask about shipping rates and destinations, not noticing that you already have the answer available on page. Be patience and start your response with “Thank you for showing interest in our store”.

Play by the rules. Not satisfied with a bid ? Make sure to set a higher minimum bid price next time you open this item for sale. Never fake bids by making self made offers for your own items. This violation is called shill bidding and it is the definite way to get kicked from eBay. Reputation is the name of the game and it’s sometimes worth the dollar you didn’t earn.

Never bluff. Never open a sale for items that don’t exist. Overcome the urge when you think you’ve been compromised, offer refund and have a return policy, because building reputation is far more important than earning an extra pound or two.

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