Making Rum Cocktails Drinks

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Rum is a versatile and popular ingredient in making both hot and cold drinks. For example, coffee can be mixed with rum for a warm drink. Alternatively, blending rum with dairy cream and adding spices and fruit for flavour creates a cream rum liqueur. This type of rum is typically sweet and can used to make a variety of cocktails. This guide suggests some popular recipes for making rum cocktails drinks.

Hot rum


- 2 lumps of loaf sugar dissolved with a little hot water. 
- One wine glass of Jamaica rum.

Fill balance with hot water. Mix well with a spoon and grate a little nutmeg.

Making a Tom and Jerry


- Five pounds sugar
- 12 eggs
- Half wine glass Jamaica rum
- One and a half teaspoonful of ground cinnamon 
- Half teaspoonful of ground cloves
- Half teaspoonful of ground allspice 

Beat the white of the eggs to a stiff froth, and the yolks until they are as thin as water.
Next mix together and add the spice and rum.
Thicken with sugar until the mixture has the consistency of a light batter.

How to Serve a Tom and Jerry to Your Guests

Take a small bar glass, and to one tablespoonful of the above mixture add one wine glass of brandy.
Fill the glass with boiling water and grate a little nutmeg on top, then serve.

This excerpt is taken from the "handbook on mixing drinks" , which contains recipes for a variety of rum cocktails drinks. Please visit our shop at AET Publishing to view our range of books.

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