Making a Fairy Costume Look Sexy

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Dressing up in different costumes is not just a fun activity for kids. Adults are allowed to have their fun, too. A fairy costume can go from conservative to sexy with a few little tricks. To completely transform yourself into a sexy fairy for the evening, you need the right costume, shoes, makeup, hair, scent and attitude. With the right combination, you will be unstoppable and unforgettable. Have fun with it and use your own creativity to make a fairy costume look sexy.

1. Choose your costume wisely. Showing some skin helps when going for a sexy look. Higher fairy skirts and lower-cut tops make a fairy costume go from nice to naughty. A fluffy skirt and a bustier also work quite well. Don't forget a pair of fairy wings and a wand.

2. Pick out some fun shoes to go with your fairy costume. Heels or strappy sandals are a must if you are going for a sexy look. Match the color of your shoes with your costume or go with glittery shoes or basic black. Knee-high or thigh-high boots also work well. Throw in some sexy fishnets or thigh-high stockings.

3. Accent your eyes with some dark eyeliner and mascara. Match eye shadow with your fairy costume. Shimmery or glittery colors work best. When you are applying the eye makeup, extend the color outside the eye. The finished result should look like a large almond shape, with the reducing point going across your temple toward your ear.

4. Apply a soft, shimmery pink gloss to your lips. Add a soft pink blush to your cheekbones, down the center of your nose, and the sides of your forehead. This adds dimension to your face. A little blush at the top of your cleavage will also set the mood.

5. Finish your overall look with a glitter powder. This can be spread on the face, especially the eyes and cheeks. Also apply it to your shoulders, arms, chest and anywhere else you want to sparkle. If you can't find glitter powder, you can also use nontoxic glitter glue.

6. Get creative with your hair. Hair is a natural accessory. If you have long hair, go for sensual and feminine curly ringlets or waves. You can add some ribbons or flowers for a playful sexy look. Short hair can also be decorated with these accessories. Use hair pins to hold items in place or colorful headbands.

7. Choose your scent. You want to smell sexy as well as look sexy. Apply your favorite perfume or find a fruity new scent.

8. Complete the fairy package with a sexy attitude. Fairies are free and fun, with a hint of mystery. Before you set out to show off your look, go to the mirror and admire your work. To exude a high level of sex appeal, you have to believe that you are sexy. Compliment yourself in the mirror. Acknowledge your beauty.

Think of something sexy. Once you have fully gotten into your sexy fairy character inside and out, you are sure to be noticed..

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