Making money from endlers

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If you are going make a living from Endlers there are a few rules I have picked up from endler forums. These rules might just help you on your way to a million.

:#1 Obtain the original stock from a registered Endlers r us breeder. Swampriver aquatics would be a good choice. It’s a little risky what with it being illegal to import fish this way and all but Adrian posts them and people are encouraged to do it so so who cares right?!

:#2 Once your receive your cash cow register those bad boys with the site. This give you access to a magical world where you will have the chance to save Narnia.

You will also have some secret class code to add in all your listing. This can look very impressive and almost make you look like you know what you are talking about. :)

#3 Use your own photos. Do not pinch images off the net of unrelated stock. This opens you up to criticism of the self declared "experienced" breeders or should I say breeder?.

#4 most importantly of all, never ever, ever never buy stock which aren’t registered with a site. They will be…… can I put this without wanting to throw up? Eropean trade endlers…………….I felt dirty just saying that.

As we know from endler sites, the best case scenario this means = hybrids.

Don’t ask why they know every single European endler not obtained from Adrian is guppy tainted, they just do okay, after all these experts have been keeping the fish for almost a full year.

No one in Europe has the grey matter to have kept their fish pure.

#5 If you have a good sense of humour get rid of it quick sharp. Having a good sense of humour and Endlers doesn’t mix. Especially sarcasium, this is especially frowned upon.

Take everything serious and make sure to take offence easily, especially on forums.

#6 Once you have had your fish for less than a year you are ready to declare yourself an authority on enders and a force to be reckoned with. At this point all the nicety’s can go out of the window and you can stomp around the internet like an overtired 4 year old. Now you are on the road to your first million.
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