Making the right choice when buying a trampoline

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This guide will hopefully assist you in purchasing the correct trampoline for your needs .

We have all seen on the news the growing amount of obese children in the uk so nows the time to act on this and buying a trampoline could be the start of bringing this down. Trampolines are a great way for children and adults to keep fit. Trampolines provide an excellent cardiovascular workout which can improve overall fitness, muscle growth, self confidence breathing and lung capacity.

Currently on ebay there are loads of people selling trampolines but choosing the right trampoline isnt an easy job. You need to ask yourself the following questions before buying one

1. Who will be using it ?

2. Where will the trampoline be located?

3. What is your budget? (sometimes buying a cheaper trampoline will cost you more in the long run)

4. How can you be sure your buying a safe trampoline

5. What warranty you will recieve?

6. Are spare parts ready available?


1. Who will be using the trampoline?

Will the trampoline be used by a child, if so, how old are they? and how old will they be in 5 years time?
Although an 8ft trampoline is perfectly suitable for smaller children, if they're approaching double figures now they'll be in their mid-teens in just 5 years time! This means a 10ft or larger trampoline may be more suitable for you to allow space for your kids to grow. If your children are in their teens now (and you have the space available) a larger 10ft or 13ft trampoline may be more suitable.

2. Where will the trampoline be located?

The location for the trampoline is an all to often overlooked question when considering which trampoline to buy.

Firstly, measure the space you have available in your garden or yard, trampoline sizes are still measured in imperial measurements (feet and inches) rather than metric (meters and centimetres) so you would be wise to take a note of the measurements in feet. Ensure you measure the width and depth of your garden so you know just how much space you can afford.

Check for any over hanging branches or trees... it's amazing how many people forget to consider the height requirements when measuring their garden. You don't want to be jumping amongst the branches when you erect the trampoline and ideally you should avoid locating a trampoline beneath any height tree to avoid getting excess bird lime or tree sap on the trampoline.

Check the lay of the ground - is the ground where you will locate the trampoline flat and level? It's not safe to erect a trampoline on a slope as the bouncer will bounce off the trampoline at an angle. If your garden is on a slight slope however it may be possible for you to "dig in" one side of the trampoline and have the other side lay flat on the ground.

Make sure you allow clearance around the trampoline if you need it, we'd recommend at least 3ft clearance if you need to get past the trampoline to get to the bottom of the garden etc

3. What is your budget?

The choice is massive out there so be careful. Some sellers ( we cant mention who unfortunately) sell poor quality imported trampolines that i wouldnt let my worst enemy jump on!!  Also some sellers clame to sell american style trampolines but again they are just imported from china!! We Only sell high quality trampolines at rock bottom prices. They are the same standard as the likes of toys r us etc sell for 5 times as much money!!

4. How can you ensure the trampoline you purchase will be safe?

Always purchase a trampoline with a full safety enclosure net unless you are sinking the trampoline into the ground. The safety net ensures the bouncer stays on the trampoline at all times. This is especially important for younger users who may not have the same fear or self control of an older user and could easily fall off the trampoline.

All our trampolines conform to ASTM and GS TUV standards - Not to be confused with the EN-71 standard which some trampolines have - this relates to toys and trampolines are not toys!

Children should be supervised AT ALL TIMES when using the trampoline - if you have a ladder to the trampoline we recommend removing it when playtime is over so the children know that the trampoline is "out of bounds" to them.

Always read and follow the instructions and safety information in the owners manual!

5. What Warranty is provided? & are spare parts easily available?

All our items come with a 12 month Return to Base Warranty as standard. The frame of all our trampolines even have a 5 year warranty!!!! AGAIN THIS IS NOT THE CASE ON THE CHEAPER MODELS READILY AVAILABLE ON EBAY.

6. Are parts readily available for my trampoline?

The majority of trampolines on sale on ebay are by sellers who dont specialise in them and only got them in because they was cheap. We have trampolines for sale all year round therefore we always have spare parts available. Even if we have sold out we keep a minimum of 5 spares for every part in stock!!

So why buy a trampoline off Branded Discount Ltd

  1. Our tramolines are sourced from the finest trampoline maunfacturers!! We will not buy cheaper to make more money. Customer satisfaction  is our aim
  2. Our trampolines have a full 12 month warranty on all parts (excluding damage due to neglect and weather)
  3. Full 5 year warranty of trampoline frames
  4. Over 2 years experience of selling trampolines
  5. Sold over 2000 trampolines so buy from the experts
  6. If they are listed on ebay we will have them in stock GUARANTEED



So there is our review of what you should look for when buying a trampoline. We are one of the biggest trampoline sellers on the internet if not the biggest so rest assured you will be buying a quality safe trampoline with the after care you deserve.

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